China’s Wine Import Value Fell By More Than 25% Compare To Jan-Feb 2019

In the first two months of this year, China imported 78.46 million liters of wine, down 30.15% compare to 2019, while the value was 340 million US dollars, down more than 25%. Among them, the total volume of Australia wine imported to China fell by more than 30%. But because the average price rose by 41%, there is a slight decline on the value, and the market share climbed to a new high of nearly 41%.


Wine Distributors And Retailers Attempt to sell on Tik Tok or Other Live Streaming Platforms In China 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the traditional wine marketing model was seriously hindered. More distributors tried new ways such as online live streaming to attract consumers and sell wine, thus relieving the inventory pressure. There have been many successful cases.



However, it should be noted that because live streaming requires a high demand for traffic, it is difficult to achieve an effect without the recommendation of the platform and the support of customer traffic. Rather than follow blindly, distributors still need to find the most appropriate way for their wine promotion.